In order to avoid excessive USTD payment fees, it is recommended to register an account on our website, top up the balance to the account, use the balance to purchase the account, and top up enough balance to avoid multiple USTD payments

User agreement

1. All accounts do not have any after-sales service without special instructions. The efficiency of website accounts is more than 99.9%. After sale only support before the purchase of goods have appeared invalid goods, after sale please send work order or telegram to contact us in the background.

2. If the facebook account is not logged in according to the requirements, the login device approval or other verification will appear, which may be unable to be recovered. No after-sales processing will be carried out, and the buyer's loss has nothing to do with the seller.

3. Support the account balance refund, immediately after the refund application to clear the account balance and delete the account, refund time is 5-7 days, only accept the balance of more than $50 refund, refund generated by the processing fee shall be borne by the buyer.

4. We do not instruct you to use the account. Please read the product description for relevant instructions.