In order to avoid excessive USTD payment fees, it is recommended to register an account on our website, top up the balance to the account, use the balance to purchase the account, and top up enough balance to avoid multiple USTD payments

FB account, registered in 2017, includes email (, profile information may be incomplete, 2FA has been opened

0 pcs. Price per 1pcs 0.60 $.


1. Before logging in to the account, clear the browser cache/uninstall and reinstall the mobile APP before logging in.

2. The account can only be logged in by mobile APP, account secret login, cookie login (if any). It is forbidden to log in the account through the webpage account password, otherwise it will be abnormal and irreplaceable or refundable.

3. You cannot modify the information immediately after logging in to the account. If you need to modify the information, please modify it 48 hours after logging in to the account.

4. the email is, login email may require mobile phone SMS confirmation.

5. Do not log in to multiple accounts with the same network IP address. Otherwise, accounts may be suspended.